Insulating your loft could save you up to £355 a year on your energy bills

Insulating your loft could save you up to £355 a year off your energy bills.

If you are working from home fulltime, you might want to consider doing some “winter-proofing”.

This can cost next to nothing or involve spending hundreds of pounds if you tackle a bigger project like insulating your loft.

If your heating is already on you could consider turning down the main thermostat by just one degree.

The Simple Energy Advice website says a one-degree reduction can slash your heating bill by 10% and you may not feel any difference. Most families are happy with a setting somewhere between 18C and 21C.

Wearing extra layers is an obvious step and the shops are full of clothing, including onesies and hooded blankets, aimed at helping people cope this winter.

But there’s no point having the heating on if warm air is escaping up the chimney or under doors. You can make draught excluders for internal doors using rolledup towels, or tights filled with old clothes.

If there’s a draughty chimney, stop it with a chimney balloon, which costs about £20.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, an insulated loft can save up to £355 a year on energy bills in a semi-detached house, rising to £590 for a detached house.

If your loft is accessible you could do it yourself as there are plenty of DIY videos online.

It costs about £630 to insulate a loft in a detached house, £480 for a semi, and £455 for a terrace house, and you will reap the benefits over time.

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