Apex Legends Mobile: Handheld Battle Royale Mayhem Now Available

Apex Legends Mobile is now available, bringing all the intense battle royale action to your fingertips. From the same developers as Fortnite, Apex Legends offers a similar experience on a smaller scale.

Does Apex Legends Mobile have battle royale mode?

It has been months since EA last addressed the Apex Legends Mobile release after the beta on Android devices closed in multiple countries. New leaks suggest that the game will soon have a release date and an official launch trailer.

Apex Legends Mobile is playable on your phone?

Yep, it is free to play just like the PC and console version. It never has paid items that give you a gameplay advantage like in other games, such as Fortnite. Apex Legends will have its own Battle Passes for you to earn rewards, collectible cosmetics and unlockables that are all different from those found in the PC/console version of Apex Legends.”

We can only recommend Apex Legends Mobile for Android devices that have at least 2GB of RAM. We cannot guarantee the game will run well on your phone if it does not meet this requirement, but we encourage you to try the game and report any issues to our technical support team.

Apex Legends Mobile is currently only available for Android smartphones with a minimum 2GB of RAM. If your device doesn‘t meet this requirement, please contact us directly so we can help troubleshoot or identify the problem.

When will Apex Legends release on mobile?

There is an Apex Legends Mobile trailer, teasing the first season of content in the game. It releases on 17th May. Follow Radio Times Gaming on Twitter for all the latest insights or if you‘re looking for something to watch, see our TV Guide.


The Apex Legends Mobile is still in development and not ready for release. A beta version is available for testing on Android devices 6.0 and up, but this does not represent the final version of the game once it is released. The mobile versions supported by the beta do not represent what will be available with launch, and more models will be supported at that time.

How many GB is Apex Legends Mobile 2022?

Apex Legends Mobile is 3 GB. The download size is 1.47 GB during the beta but it may change when the game releases. You need to own an iPhone 6S or newer device or an Android 8.1 device or newer to run the game.’

Apex Legends Mobile is a great option for those looking for a intense battle royale experience on their mobile devices. The game is well designed and offers a similar experience to that of Fortnite. If you’re looking for a new battle royale game to play, be sure to check out Apex Legends Mobile.

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